The Oribi VG


Why the Oribi?
By installing a less expensive Rotax 582 engine and less of the bells and whistles the Oribi offers a much reduced price compared with the Rotax 912S powered Savannah.
The Oribi’s low purchase price makes it more affordable to entry level pilots. With a lower cost, you can purchase the Oribi sooner and start flying. The Oribi is also known as the “Bingo” in some countries.

How does the Oribi VG perform?
The Oribi VG with the same airframe as the Savannah VG retains all the positive flying characteristics of the Savannah but with lower performance figures. The Oribi VG will cruise at 140 kph (75 knots). Take off roll is increased and climb and cruise is somewhat lower  than the 100 hp Savannah.

What are the differences between Savannah and Oribi?
The Oribi has minimal instrumentation. The standard propeller is a two blade DUC Windspoon ground adjustable prop and ground adjustable elevator trim. The baggage compartment is smaller than that of the Savannah. With a lighter engine installation it still retains a respectable useful mass. We offer a standard basic MGL Enigma EFIS system with this variant.