The Savannah Light Sport Aircraft

Pretty Nice LR


Having an aircraft that can really get you around quickly and reliably and land where many other aircraft cannot is what you need to appreciate this beautiful landscape. The Savannah and Oribi light sport aircraft stand out as reliable short field performance light sport aircraft that are robust and extremely safe. It has a high wing, tricycle landing gear and full metal construction. It boasts a deserved fame for strength and safety.

Quality control

The Savannah and Oribi has Type acceptance in South Africa and in many first world countries around the world and has passed the stringent UK BCARS regulations. The Kit is manufactured under ISO 9001 Standards with only aviation grade materials and hardware. The Savannah and Oribi are built from high grade 6061T6 aluminum, 4130N chrome moly and AN hardware.


The very short take-off and landing capabilities make our aircraft particularly suitable for “bush” flying and its comfort and stability are great for long cross country flights. It makes a superb photography, game counting, surveillance or training aircraft. Slow, Stable and Quiet. Some have been adapted with snow skids, water floats and others with crop spraying equipment.

Easy to Fly

The Savannah light sport aircraft requires very little rudder to co-ordinate turns and no rudder input during straight and level flight. The maximum cross wind component that the Savannah can handle is 30 mph (48 km/h). Add to this a respectable glide ratio of 11 to 1, a stall speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) and a structural load factor of +6G / -4G. Now we are talking about SAFE BAKKIES. The Savannah is more stable and handles better in rough, windy conditions than many GA planes.


The Savannah light sport aircraft won the Best in Class for both the Kit and Ready to Fly categories at the 2012 Tedderfield Shoot Out judged on value for money. If it is value for money that you are looking for, there is no other aircraft that will compare. With a selection of very reliable engines, you can customize your aircraft to suite your needs and your pocket.